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Party Girl

Party Girl

The back story - it's another LO for my childhood pics album - am thinking of getting an AC 12x12 D-ring album so I can put my 8.5 x 11 pages in it as well, then everything is in the same album right?

The photos are from my friend Matthew's birthday in 1982, I was just 4 and it wasn't long after we'd moved house. Looking at the party food on the table made me so nostalgic, there are Party Rings (used to wear them on our fingers and lick off all the icing before eating the biscuit), chocolate crispy cakes, sausage rolls, the infamous hedgehog centre piece that all kids had at their parties in the 80s which, for those not in the know, was half a melon or grapefruit covered in tin foil with cubes of cheese/ham what ever stuck into it on cocktail sticks giving it the most life-like illusion of a hedgehog... mmm-hm.

Also get a load of the 80s party ware - Danger Mouse cups!

I'm also cringing at my usual mismatching dress sense - green tights with cherry shoes, and my little purse filled with dolly mixtures. hehe