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Grandma - {ME} challenge 1

Grandma - {ME} challenge 1

As intended I scrapped grandma's LO with the Fleur de Chine papers plus some Basic Grey rub-ons, oh an a sheet from Rouge de Garance that's not in the Fleur de Chine line for the journaling box. I'm actually pretty happy with how it turned out - papers were just right! Also I think this comes under completing that LO for the ME blog challenge # 1!

The journaling reads:

Perhaps my most treasured photo of grandma, yet it is an image of grandma before I knew her, before she was a mother let alone a grandmother.

The smile in the photo remained enigmatic through the years and would often break into a full grin even when she knew it was her who was the butt of the joke. What are the memories that spring to mind when I look at this secretive smile?

Is it the hundreds of times we children convinced her to play Monopoly despite having a loathing, nurtured over the years, for this particular game? Or perhaps the many times we'd sneak into bed in the early hours to play Ludo or Snakes & Ladders with The Green Goddess (Grandma's nom de jeu when it came to choosing or rather being left with the green counter)? Then again it could be another fine rendition of Bad Sir Brian Botany or The King's Breakfast, hot Yorkshire puddings and Grandma's "fat" chips, proper porridge with a drop of cream, feeding the ducks and coots at New Miller Dam, riding the cliff face lifts at Saltburn, asking for toasted tea cakes and a pot of tea in McDonalds, laughing so hard at the cinema with Margaret that we were nearly thrown out for bad behaviour, flying kites at the park despite the lack of proper wind conditions…

A million memories from just one little smile.

Oh and the font for the monogram is Carmencita (brushed with gold paint), Lime Glory Caps for the P and Gando BT for the journaling.