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The Balloon

The Balloon

So first up following on from yesterday's wicked theme, this is another pic of me... my that album is coming along rather well! Using that gorgeous paper from Lilykate. I totally adore the blue background, reminds me of Parisian bathrooms in the early 1900's for some reason... bizarre I know... The photo corners are stamped with Paper Salon stitch stamps, and a bit of ribbon added to the tag.

The fonts are CK Maternal rub-ons - just love those!

There's a whole back story behind balloons, as I seem from what other people are repeatedly told much to my annoyance, that when I was little and went to the zoo once my balloon popped when it got caught on some shrubs, so I allegedly lept out of my pushchair and went and wrestled a balloon of another poor unsuspecting child. But you will be glad to know, that the balloon in this shot was in fact mine!