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Secrets of the heart

Secrets of the heart

I was doing a bit of tidying up in my photo folders, and I came across a LO for the Precrop Hidden Secrets challenge from the Harry Potter cyber crop on UKS that I'd not uploaded anywhere else yet.

So here it is.

Lots of Crate Avenue papers as they'd just arrived and I totally loved them - oh and lots of stamping with Carolee's stamps round the edges. Main photo is of Kate Wood, great great Aunt from around 1916. The photo inside is of Percy Carter...

Journaling reads:

The course of true love never did run smooth in the Wood family what with Fred running off to marry Cissie Stebbing of the Stebbings Acrobat Troupe, it was also his Aunt, Kate Wood, who would face disapproval and the dilemma of whether to follow the heart over the head.

The story goes that she was engaged to Percy Carter, or at least an engagement was on the cards. The wedding however, never took place. There were a number of possible rumours.

His family disapproved of the match, her family disapproved of him, there was a quarrel between them and they parted ways, or even that Kate jilted Percy or vice versa shortly before the ceremony. Whatever the reason, all that is known is that Kate never married, a fate shared by her sister Millie, both of whom seemed doomed when it came to the affairs of the heart and family approval. And what became of Percy remains a mystery - he became a doctor and may have married but that's all that is known.

Bit sad really, but hey they share a page in the album whatever may have happened.