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Annie Stebbing

Annie Stebbing

I attempted to scraplift a LO from the basic grey gallery to get the creative flow going, but there was a kind of organic development going on...

So, journalling reads:
"Annie Stebbing (née Thompson – a family from Thornhill Lees, Dewsbury) married Frank Stebbing who was a member of the famous Stebbing circus family, which toured the country with its acrobat troupe and even performed before the Tsar of Russia. The marriage proved most fruitful, producing a new generation of Stebbings and of course a new circus act. According to my grandma's recollections, her mother's siblings were:
1. Kitty Sophia Leonora Caroline Elizabeth Susan
2. Annie Kate Jessie Amelia, known as Cissie (my grandma's mother)
3. Ouida Ethel, named after a famous stage actress
4. Buller Georgina May - named in honour of General Buller, since she was born on the day the siege of Mafeking was lifted (she later married a Mr Mackley, educated at Bedford School)
5. Queenie Alexandra
6. Victoria
7. Mabel
8. Francis (who much preferred to be called Frank!)

Their names are quite fantastic even by today's standards and although we only know the first names for Victoria and Mabel, they are sure to have had more interesting middle names.

Francis Stebbing, being the only boy, continued the tradition of Stebbing acrobats, however his father Frank believed that the girls were too weak and delicate to be acrobats, and instead formed a dance troupe for the Stebbing girls, this from a man who allegedly spoke several languages, being able to swear in at least ten."

Basic Grey sweatpea Alyssa, like 5 different sheets... blimey!
Rusty pickle lace and ribbon
MM split pins to attach ribbons
lots of brown chalk ink, yum
Jest charming medallion
MM antique brads

The tag on the left pulls out to show a scan of the back of the photo as it has details of the photographer's studio in Middlesbrough - really pretty fonts, etc. mmmm
And the top tag is currently blank and awaiting any additional info from my uncle on the Stebbing stuff...

Handcut title - using Isabelle font, also used for journalling and the "A" in the journalling is a font called Renaissance Scrolls