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Thursday, 22 January 2009


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I absolutely love Papertrey but can never warrant paying so much postage! I guess I could ask my Uncle to do a favour in exchange for some Easter Eggs as there are so many yummy things on PTI! I'm looking forward to seeing that ink at work!


OMG, that's ridiculous shipping!! I think you have every right to be annoyed.

Sandrine alias Didine

WOW !! it's a shame !! Really !!! How can they charge soooo much ? I'm searching for a store in Europe that propose the atc spinner you showed us + the atc punch (both from 7gypsies) ! And I found one store in UK. I asked them if they ship Belgium, accept IBAN payment and how much they would charge for the shipping cost. They said they never heard about IBAN and will have a look for me.... I'm still waiting.... pppppfffffffff


Natty, OUCH!! what a rip off for postage as far as I am concerned. I am sure they could have been sent cheaper.. :-)

Handmade by Natty

Thanks for all the comments of support! LOL hehe
Don't worry, I've got over it now, will look forward to playing with my stash again soon and will just chalk this up to a lesson learnt. If I am ever that desperate for something from them again I think I will see if I can get it sent to family in Chicago so they can forward it on, but it's not something I'd do unless I couldn't live without the stash - and I don't see that being likely after this experience. LOL Just makes you appreciate the US stores that do everything they can to accommodate International customers and provide the best shipping options they can. :o)

Sandrine I really hope you can get that ATC spinner, are you able to pay with paypal? As I know that will be easier than the IBAN issue - but I agree, how mad is it that they don't know what an IBAN is - especially if they deal with non-UK suppliers! tsk

Sandrine alias Didine

No unfortunately I don't have credit card, so no paypal for me :-( !! IBAN is the only way for me to buy and pay thing in Europe ! And of course no way to buy outside ! But thanks for your encouragement ;-) Smooches

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