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Friday, 16 June 2006


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oh alright alright, I resisted last night but now you've blown to order!
Monty looks adorable - is he partial to a bit of choc?


Well it didn't take much did it! lol
Monty thankfully does not think he is human so no, chocolate nah not interested... whereas Kizia believes she is human and tried to nick dry cornflakes last night, mind you no human would go that far surely - she is über-human!


Almost gave up on Hotel Chocolat as I don't really like alcohol in chocolates and then I went to the shop in Knightsbridge and discovered their solid choc bars. They have all different kinds from different beans from different countries so now Andrew and I are doing a taste test of 4 types! If you ever need anything picking up let us know. I'm sure we could beat their postage!

That last photo is my favourite type of flower. So delicate and yet so strong and a gorgeous colour to boot.


Oooh have you seen the chocolate fruit smoothy selection, think that's coming out next week, it certainly caught my eye so will wait for reviews hehe

I'm not really a fan of the alcoholic ones either - much prefer the ganache combos and the more interesting flavours like strawberry and pepper, there was even a nice one in the last chocolate tasting club that had rosemary in... interesting and rather surprising.

I have to say I like the fruit slabs too, and the other box I ordered was the summer chill it selection of fruit chocolates to keep in the fridge - I just love the fruity chocs as they are so refreshing, not like sickly strawberry creams. Anyway, isn't Jackie keeping you well stocked with her chocolate emporium? ;oD


Umm lots of photos of nice flowers, sheep and cats - have all that at home - but I don't have any chocolate at all :( I'm starting to feel just a teensy weensy bit twitchy but reckon that with deep breathing and some serious self control I can hang on until tomorrow morning (well the newsagent opens at 6.00am, it's not Hotel Chocolat - but it IS chocolate LOL!)


OOh lush piccys, love the choccies and love Monty, I'll have to show Poppy Cat, she's quite fancying a man at the moment!!

YAY Grace is gorn!!!!!

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