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Monday, 31 October 2005


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Yes, it's been a sad old evening without Rik...didn't take you long to defect to the X-Files though did it tsk tsk - you're not worthy, Rik is ALL MINE mwahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!
(gawd, just re-read that I sound like a stalker, really must make a note to at least try and be normal :snort:)

just typing this in for a second try cause not only is your msn up the creek your blog's gone berserk too!


Oooh yum! Is that KI I can see!:D Do love your style Nat and we have the same taste in papers.


Excuse me Miss T... but XF was on between 7 and 9 - it was filling the void... anyway, Mulder will always be my first love.. hehehe Dr Rik, is just the bit on the side... and what a nice side dish.

Hm, well at least it's back next week, it could have got rather colourful if it hadn't!

Ah Jo, another KI addict... well I've decided that I've got to use up some of the stuff as there is currently no room for Christmas & Winter 2005. I have the rest of Collection V and pieces of me to use up! That's a heck of a lot of KI... :oS


Yeh yeh yeh, yawn - DEREK is mine! Could do with borrowing a few relatives of yours for a bit, I have rubons to use up!!!


Hardly... I need all the help I can get using up the Z's and J's myself!

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